Simona Fenaroli, KnitKnit’s creator and founder

Simona Fienaroli is the owner, founder and creative director of Knit Knit, an Italian knitwear brand launched in 2011 and in our days already one of the main brands in the field of knitwear for its originality and ladylike collections which are conquering with their minimal chic allure.

Bright colors and designs are embarrassing sensually bodies giving a precious sensation of comfort: this is the design signature of Knit Knit which explains to us in its collection the feminine world exploring uniqueness, beauty and contradictions with an eye of love. Simona Fenaroli’s inspirational muse is the Woman tout court; she gives her creations of such a great personality able to synthesize unique looks from day to night for fresh, innovative and cutting edge fashion.

She in fact conquered Pitti immediately thanks to her original discovery of using knitwear which dresses you like a stocking: admirable idea and effort in an avant garde research on collants made out of super glam textiles as lurex.

After the favorable success at the prestigious florentine salon, Knit Knit has made its way through Italy and managed to retain very exclusive clients who know that they can find in every Knit Knit  collection high quality garments in which beauty and comfort are perfectly combined.

Warm and hugging, Knit Knit garments is made to caress your body, giving you almost that sense of protection shortly precious and fundamental.

As soon as you wear them they fit you perfectly thanks to an accurate research of portions and volumes thought to enhance the unicity in every woman.

The perfect fitting combined with a use of precious natural yarn like merino wool, cachemire and yack make sure to give the clients an outfit signed by Knit Knit full of great taste which you can embellish with different accessories to imprint your own personality in it.

If during winter the tailored outwear look are made out in splendid cooked wools, during summer in view of very light clothing the silk cotton with sophisticated chromatic plays and inlay works triumph.

The proposals are many and all able to enhance unicity of every woman thanks to refined style and innovative design which made Knit Knit one of the most interesting brand of the Made in Italy today.

Those creations are thought for a woman that love to appear but not appearing too much because she’s in love with the style of less is more. The Knit Knit Knitwear works are distinguished from the others for their originality of stylish solutions enhanced by colors that are a hymn to the joie de vivre.

Every collection reflects italian taste and savoir faire from ever and ever able to create masterpieces which are enchanting for their innate elegance and femininity.

The Beauty and Well Made is the logo of Knit Knit maison. In every collection new shapes and wise items are born to catch your eyes and your heart and decline in a contemporary way the ancient and wonderful  tradition of knitwear which from many centuries is part of our life and history.

Knit Knit promises to add a new enthusiastic chapter to this history.