“They say that stories have great charm, how to

blame them.

That of the KnitKnit Brand was born in 2011 and

made a name for itself at the prestigious

Florentine Pitti show with my original discovery

of using a knit shirt that fits like a sock”

Simona Fenaroli – founder and creative director

Our Values

Cosmopolitan & Refined

Our Values

Refined style

and innovative design

Our Values

Originality of stylish solution enhanced by

colors that are a hymn to the joie de vivre

Our Values

The beauty and

well made



The perfect fit combined with the careful research of proportions and

volumes designed to enhance the uniqueness in every woman.


A contemporary language combined with the wonderful tradition of


Elegance and femininity intertwined with a great passion for fashion,

design and the textile sector.


Each collection reflects the Italian taste and savoir faire that has

always been able to create masterpieces that enchant for their innate

elegance and femininity.

Today KnitKnit is one of the main brands in the field of knitwear

for its originality, colors and designs that are established as a

distinctive sign.